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The 8 Best WordPress Backup Plugins in 2024

The 8 Best WordPress Backup Plugins in 2024

Explore the top eight WordPress backup plugins for 2024, designed to enhance your website’s security and data recovery capabilities with advanced features and user-friendly interfaces.

Essential Strategies for WordPress Site Security

In the dynamic world of website management, the adage “better safe than sorry” couldn’t be more applicable, especially when it comes to safeguarding your digital content. For WordPress site owners, this means establishing a robust backup strategy that ensures your site’s data—posts, pages, images, and plugins—are secure against unforeseen events such as hacking, server failures, or accidental deletions.

Why are backups so critical? Imagine losing all your site content overnight due to a hosting issue or a malware attack. Without a backup, restoring your site would be a monumental, if not impossible, task. This scenario underscores the necessity of regular backups to mitigate such risks, making backup plugins an essential tool for every WordPress user.

When selecting a backup plugin, there are several key factors to consider:

  • Frequency and Automation: How often are backups made, and can the process be automated?
  • Storage Options: Where is the backup data stored? Is it on your server, or is it safely offsite on cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive?
  • Ease of Restoration: How straightforward is it to restore your site from a backup if the need arises?
  • Features and Pricing: What features are offered, and at what cost? Do you need a simple, free plugin, or a more complex, premium solution?

The right backup solution not only provides peace of mind but also plays a critical role in your site’s security strategy. In this article, we will explore the eight best WordPress backup plugins of 2024, each offering unique features to cater to various needs and preferences. Whether you’re a blogger, a small business owner, or managing a large e-commerce site, there’s a backup tool that fits your requirements.

UpdraftPlus remains one of the most popular WordPress backup plugins due to its versatility and comprehensive feature set. Trusted by millions, this plugin simplifies the backup process, enabling both automated and manual backups that can be stored locally or on various cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3.

Key Features:

  • Schedule your automated backups at convenient intervals—hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • UpdraftPlus offers a straightforward process to restore your website directly from your WordPress admin panel.
  • Supports a broad range of cloud storage platforms, providing flexibility in how and where you store your backups.


  • Extensive cloud storage options.
  • User-friendly interface suitable for beginners.
  • Free version available with comprehensive features for basic needs.


  • Encryption and advanced clone features are limited to the premium version.
  • Remote storage to only one destination in the free version.


Below is a detailed overview of UpdraftPlus’ pricing plans, outlining the various packages available to help you choose the right level of service for your WordPress backup and management needs. 

UpdraftPlus Pricing Table
PlanPrice/YearSites CoveredUpdraftVault StorageKey Features
Personal$70Up to 21GBAutomatic backups, Incremental backups, Multiple storage options, WP-CLI management
Business$95Up to 101GBAll Personal features plus more backup control, Detailed reports
Agency$145Up to 351GBAll Business features plus multisite compatibility, Scheduled backups
Enterprise$195Unlimited1GBAll Agency features plus enhanced support and access to premium updates
Gold$399Unlimited50GBAll Enterprise features plus 50GB storage, Unlimited UpdraftCentral Cloud, Premium support

Why Choose UpdraftPlus?

UpdraftPlus is ideal for both novice users and advanced administrators due to its easy setup and extensive customization options. It’s particularly beneficial for those who require reliable backups without wanting to invest heavily in premium features.


VaultPress, part of the Jetpack suite of tools, provides a streamlined solution for real-time backups and security scanning. Designed for WordPress users who need more than just backup functionality, VaultPress offers comprehensive protection and restoration services.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Backups: Automatically saves every change, ensuring you never lose a single piece of data, ideal for dynamic sites with frequent updates.
  • Security Scanning: Integrated security scanning helps detect and fend off potential threats, such as malware and viruses.
  • Easy Restoration: Restore your site from any point directly through the dashboard, with minimal downtime.


  • Integrated with Jetpack for enhanced security features.
  • Offers incremental backups to save storage space and reduce server load.
  • Provides one-click site restores.


  • Requires a Jetpack subscription, which can be more costly than standalone backup solutions.
  • Limited to’s cloud storage, which may not suit everyone’s needs.


Explore the comprehensive range of features and competitive pricing offered by Jetpack VaultPress Backup and Security plans, designed to provide robust protection and easy recovery solutions for your WordPress site.

VaultPress Backup and Security Plans
PlanDiscount PriceOriginal PriceKey Features
VaultPress BackupCA$6.95CA$13.95Real-time cloud backups, 10GB of backup storage, 30-day archive & activity log, one-click restores
SecurityCA$13.95CA$27.95Includes VaultPress Backup, Jetpack Scan, and Akismet; 10GB backup storage, Comment and form spam protection, 30-day activity log, Unlimited restores, Website firewall (WAF), Real-time malware scanning, One-click fixes

Why Choose VaultPress?

VaultPress is ideal for WordPress site owners who need robust backup solutions combined with real-time security monitoring. It’s particularly beneficial for businesses and e-commerce sites where data integrity and immediate recovery are crucial.

Solid Backups is a well-established plugin in the WordPress community, offering a robust range of features to securely backup, restore, and move WordPress websites. It’s particularly favored by developers and agencies for its migration capabilities and scheduling flexibility. 

Key Features:

  • Complete Site Backups: Solid Backups covers all aspects of your site, not just the database or files. This includes everything from widgets and users to themes and plugins.
  • Scheduled Backups: Customize backup schedules to fit your site’s needs, ensuring backups are always up-to-date without manual intervention.
  • Off-Site Storage Options: Automatically send your backups to reliable cloud storage services like Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Solid Backups Stash.


  • Comprehensive backup options, including full-site backups.
  • Easy migration tools to move sites to new hosts or domains.
  • Access to premium support forums and regular updates.


  • No free version available; Solid Backups is a premium-only service.
  • Some users may find the interface less intuitive than other plugins.


Explore the robust and flexible backup solutions offered by Solid Backups, designed to protect WordPress sites efficiently and securely since 2010.

PlanPrice/YearKey Features
1 site$99Reliable, secure backups; 1GB free cloud storage; Custom backup schedules; Encrypted backup files
5 sites$199Includes all features for 1 site with expanded site coverage
10 sites$299Includes all features for 5 sites with expanded site coverage
25 sites$399Includes all features for 10 sites with expanded site coverage
50 sites$499Includes all features for 25 sites with expanded site coverage
51+ sitesContact Solid BackupCustom solutions for large networks; Direct support and consultation

Why Choose Solid Backups?

Solid Backupsis ideal for WordPress users who need reliable and comprehensive backup solutions that include not only backup capabilities but also easy site migration and restoration. Its robust feature set makes it suitable for businesses and professionals who manage multiple WordPress sites.

BlogVault is recognized not just as a backup plugin but as a complete WordPress management solution. It excels in offering reliable and secure backups, easy restorations, and efficient site management, making it a favorite among businesses and agencies. 

Key Features:

  • Incremental Backups: BlogVault reduces server load by only backing up changes since the last backup, making it efficient for large websites.
  • Built-In Staging: Test changes on a staging environment before going live, a critical feature for developers and site managers.
  • WooCommerce Support: Specialized backups for WooCommerce sites that ensure transactions and customer data are never lost, even during high-traffic periods.


  • Provides real-time backups, making it ideal for dynamic and e-commerce sites.
  • Easy migration and staging capabilities are included.
  • Excellent customer support and easy-to-use interface.


  • Higher cost compared to some other solutions, reflecting its advanced features.
  • It relies on external servers for storage, which might not suit everyone’s data handling policies.


Find the right BlogVault plan that offers complete peace of mind for your WordPress site, featuring a range of backup, security, and staging options designed to significantly reduce management stress and enhance site safety.

PlanPrice/YearKey Features
Plus$149Daily Automatic Backups, 90 Days Backup, 1 Active Staging Site, 30 Days Staging Validity, Uptime Monitoring, Site Updates, Visual Regression Testing, Malware Removal, Real-time Firewall, Automatic Malware Scans, 24 hr Scan Frequency, Personalized Support
Prime$1992 Daily Automatic Backups, 180 Days Backup, 1 Active Staging Site, 30 Days Staging Validity, Uptime Monitoring, Site Updates, Visual Regression Testing, Malware Removal, Real-time Firewall, Automatic Malware Scans, 12 hr Scan Frequency, Personalized Support
Pro$2994 Daily Automatic Backups, 365 Days Backup, 1 Active Staging Site, 90 Days Staging Validity, Uptime Monitoring, Site Updates, Visual Regression Testing, Malware Removal, Real-time Firewall, Automatic Malware Scans, 6 hr Scan Frequency, Priority Support
Max$499Hourly Automatic Backups, 365 Days Backup, 1 Active Staging Site, 90 Days Staging Validity, Uptime Monitoring, Site Updates, Visual Regression Testing, Malware Removal, Real-time Firewall, Automatic Malware Scans, Hourly Scan Frequency, Priority Support

Why Choose BlogVault

BlogVault is perfect for WordPress users who need more than just backup functionality. Its suite of tools for site management, including staging and merging changes, makes it a comprehensive option for maintaining and securing WordPress sites effectively. It’s particularly beneficial for those running WooCommerce stores or large sites requiring regular, reliable backups.

BackWPup is a robust WordPress plugin that provides users with the tools necessary to create complete site backups and store them on various external services, making it a popular choice among WordPress site owners looking for both free and premium backup solutions.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Backup Options: BackWPup allows users to back up their entire installation, including the database, files, and all WordPress directories.
  • Flexible Storage Solutions: Backups can be stored on numerous services like Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP, and more, ensuring versatile storage options.
  • Easy Restoration: The plugin provides a simple way to restore a WordPress site from a backup, though it may require some technical knowledge for setup and restoration.


  • Offers a free version with substantial backup capabilities.
  • Multiple storage locations provide flexibility and security.
  • Scheduled backup options automate the process.


  • The free version has limited features compared to the premium version.
  • Restoration process can be complex and might require technical expertise.


BackWPup Pro offers robust backup solutions for WordPress sites, with a variety of features tailored to ensure data security and simplify site management. 

PlanPrice/Year (Includes VAT)WordPress InstallationsRenewal Price/YearKey Features
Standard$69.001$39.00Automatic complete and encrypted backups, Supports Azure, Dropbox, FTP(S), S3, OneDrive, Google Drive, HiDrive, Multisite support, Premium support
Business$119.005$59.00All features of Standard plus additional multisite support and expanded installation coverage
Developer$199.0010$99.00All features of Business with more installations and priority support for developers
Supreme$279.0025$149.00All features of Developer, ideal for larger business environments requiring extensive backup capabilities
Agency$349.00100$199.00All features of Supreme, designed for agencies managing multiple client sites, best value for high volume

Why Choose BackWPup?

BackWPup is suitable for WordPress users who are looking for a straightforward, reliable backup solution without the need for ongoing costs. The free version serves well for small to medium-sized websites, while the premium version caters to more advanced needs with additional security features and backup options. 

6. WP Time Capsule: Ideal for Real-Time Incremental Backups

WP Time Capsule is designed for WordPress site owners who need incremental backup solutions that won’t overload their servers. This plugin is perfect for those who prefer to backup only the changes made since the last backup, rather than the entire site each time. 

Key Features:

  • Incremental Backups: WP Time Capsule saves only the changes since the last backup, reducing server load and increasing backup efficiency.
  • Real-Time Backup: Automatically backs up your site whenever changes are made, ensuring that no data is lost between scheduled backups.
    Staging Environment: Test any changes or updates in a staging environment before pushing them live, which is crucial for maintaining site stability.


  • Reduces the resources needed for backups, which is especially beneficial for larger sites.
  • Allows for easy restoration to any previous point in time directly from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Integrates with popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3.


  • Higher cost due to advanced features, which might not be necessary for smaller or less dynamic sites.
  • Requires a little setup time to fully configure and understand all features.


Choose the perfect plan tailored to your needs, starting with a 30-day free trial, and experience comprehensive backup, staging, and branding solutions for managing your websites.

PlanPrice/YearNumber of WebsitesRestore WindowUpdates
Business$1492 sites30 daysBackup before update, Auto-updates, Vulnerability updates
Freelancer$29910 sites120 daysBackup before update, Auto-updates, Vulnerability updates
Agency$699Unlimited sites365 daysBackup before update, Auto-updates, Vulnerability updates

Why Choose WP Time Capsule?

WP Time Capsule is best suited for businesses or bloggers who make frequent updates to their site and need a reliable way to capture every change without impacting site performance. It’s also beneficial for those who want to ensure that their backups are as recent as possible without manual intervention.

All-in-One WP Migration is a standout plugin that simplifies the backup and migration process for WordPress sites. It’s particularly renowned for its ability to handle site transfers smoothly, making it a preferred choice for users looking to switch hosting providers or manage multiple WordPress installations. 

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Migration Tool: Enables full site migration, including database, media files, plugins, and themes without requiring technical knowledge.
  • Backup Options: Allows for complete site backups with easy restoration capabilities.
  • Extensive Compatibility: Supports a wide range of hosting providers, ensuring seamless transitions regardless of where your site is hosted.


  • User-friendly interface makes it easy for non-technical users to backup and migrate their sites.
  • Provides flexibility in backup locations, including direct downloads to your local computer or integration with cloud services.
  • Allows for URL replacement during migration, automatically handling potential serialization issues.


  • The free version has limitations on file sizes, which can be restrictive for larger sites.
  • Some advanced features, like multisite support and additional storage options, are available only in the premium version.


Explore the All In One WP Migration Unlimited Extension, designed to enhance your site management with comprehensive features and premium support.


PlanPrice (Billed Annually)Features
Unlimited Extension$69 annually ($5.75/month)Remove upload limits, Use on any number of websites, Restore backup from server, Reset Hub (new), WP CLI commands, Premium support

Why Choose All-in-One WP Migration? 

All-in-One WP Migration is perfect for individuals or businesses that frequently move sites between servers or domains. Its straightforward backup and restore processes also make it an excellent choice for regular site backups, especially for users looking for minimal hassle.

Duplicator stands out as a robust solution not only for WordPress site backups but also for its powerful site migration and cloning capabilities. It’s favored by developers and site administrators for its reliability and flexibility. 

Key Features:

  • Backup and Migration: Create complete backups of your WordPress site which can be used to migrate to a new server or domain.
  • Package Creation: Generate a ‘package’ that encapsulates your entire WordPress site for easy transport or migration.
  • Manual Backup Options: While Duplicator excels in migration, it also provides solid manual backup options, making it versatile for various use cases.


  • Highly effective for transferring sites between hosts or domains.
  • Allows for the creation of pre-configured sites, which is ideal for developers who deploy multiple sites with similar settings.
  • Detailed logging provides a clear record of backup and migration steps.


  • The learning curve can be steep for beginners, particularly in understanding how to create and deploy packages.
  • The free version has limitations on some features, requiring a premium upgrade for complete access.


Discover the Duplicator plans designed for seamless WordPress migration and backups, ensuring high performance without high costs.

PlanNormal PriceDiscount PriceSites CoveredKey Features
Basic$99$49.50/yearUp to 2Unlimited Backups and Migrations, Scheduled Backups, Recovery Points, Secure File Encryption, Cloud Storage Integrations (Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, OneDrive, FTP/SFTP, etc.), Advanced Migration Tools
Plus$199$99.50/yearUp to 5Includes all Basic features, plus Hourly Scheduling, Installer Branding, Migrate Duplicator Settings
Pro$399$199.50/yearUp to 20Includes all Plus features, plus Priority Support, Advanced Permissions, Media Only and Custom Backups, Multisite Network Support
Elite$599$299.50/yearUp to 100Includes all Pro features, plus Premium Support, additional multisite capabilities

Why Choose Duplicator?

Duplicator is excellent for those who need a reliable way to move their site or set up staging environments regularly. It’s particularly useful for web developers and professionals managing multiple WordPress sites, providing tools that streamline the processes of backup, migration, and deployment.

To help you make an informed decision on which WordPress backup plugin is best suited for your needs, here’s a detailed comparison table. This table will summarize key features, pricing, and other important factors from the eight plugins we’ve discussed.

Comparison Table: Key Features and Pricing

All-in-One WP Migration is perfect for individuals or businesses that frequently move sites between servers or domains. Its straightforward backup and restore processes also make it an excellent choice for regular site backups, especially for users looking for minimal hassle.

FeatureUpdraftPlusVaultPress (Jetpack Backup)Solid BackupsBlogVaultBackWPupWP Time CapsuleAll-in-One WP MigrationDuplicator
Automated Backups
Incremental Backups
Real-Time BackupsPremium
Cloud Storage onlyMultipleMultipleMultipleMultipleMultipleLimited
Backup & RestoreEasyEasyEasyEasyModerateEasyEasyModerate
Migration ToolsPremium
Free Version Available
Starting Price (Yearly)$70$59$99$89$69$49$69$69

Key Takeaways: 

  • For Comprehensive Backup Solutions: Both UpdraftPlus and Solid Backups (formerly BackupBuddy) offer robust backup capabilities suitable for a wide range of websites, including complex sites that may require more comprehensive backup strategies.
  • Best for Real-Time Backups: If your site undergoes frequent changes or if you manage an e-commerce site where every transaction is critical, VaultPress (Jetpack Backup) and WP Time Capsule provide real-time backup solutions that capture every change as it happens.
  • Optimal for Migration: Duplicator and All-in-One WP Migration excel in site migration capabilities, making them ideal choices for users frequently transferring sites between servers or setting up staging environments.
  • Budget-Friendly Options: For users seeking effective solutions without a financial commitment, BackWPup and UpdraftPlus offer powerful free versions that handle basic backup needs without added costs.
  • Premium Services for Advanced Needs: BlogVault offers a premium service that includes advanced features like incremental backups and built-in staging, catering to users who need more than just backup functionality.

This comparison aims to highlight the strengths and limitations of each plugin, allowing you to choose based on functionality, ease of use, and budget compatibility. Whether you prioritize real-time updates, comprehensive coverage, or cost efficiency, there’s a plugin tailored to meet those specifications.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right WordPress Backup Plugin

Selecting the right WordPress backup plugin is crucial for ensuring the security and integrity of your website. As we’ve seen, there is a range of options available, each catering to different needs—from simple backups to real-time security monitoring and comprehensive site migrations. Here’s how to make your final decision: 

  1. Assess Your Needs: Consider what is most important for your site. Do you need a solution that offers real-time backups, or are scheduled backups sufficient? How critical are migration tools for your operations?
  2. Consider Your Technical Skill Level: Some plugins are more user-friendly for beginners, while others may offer advanced features that require a bit more technical knowledge. Make sure the plugin you choose matches your comfort level.
  3. Evaluate Your Budget: While there are excellent free options available, these might come with limitations that don’t meet your needs. Decide if a premium plugin with additional features is worth the investment for your site’s security and functionality.
  4. Read Reviews and Testimonials: Learn from the experiences of others. Reviews and user testimonials can provide insight into a plugin’s reliability and customer service, helping you make an informed decision.
  5. Trial and Error: Many plugins offer free trials or basic versions. Take advantage of these to test out a plugin’s interface and features to see if it meets your expectations before committing to a purchase.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a WordPress backup plugin that not only fits your budget but also provides the peace of mind that your website is well-protected against data loss and downtime.

Remember, the best backup solution is one that seamlessly integrates with your workflow, offers reliable support, and keeps your data secure without a hassle.


When selecting a backup plugin for WordPress, consider the following factors: 

  • Backup Frequency and Automation: Determine if you need real-time backups or if scheduled backups are sufficient.
  • Storage Options: Look for plugins that offer off-site storage options like cloud services to ensure data is safe even if your server fails.
  • Restoration Ease: Choose a plugin that allows easy restoration of your site to minimize downtime in case of a failure.
  • Additional Features: Depending on your needs, consider other features like staging environments, migration tools, and incremental backups.
Free backup plugins can be reliable, but they often come with limitations in features, storage options, and customer support compared to premium plugins. For basic sites or personal blogs with limited data, a free backup plugin may suffice. However, for businesses or websites with significant data, investing in a premium backup solution is advisable for enhanced security and functionality.
The frequency of backups should align with how often you update your site. For dynamic sites with daily content updates, daily or real-time backups are ideal. For static sites with infrequent changes, weekly backups might be sufficient. Always ensure you have a backup before making any major changes to your site.
Backup plugins can impact site performance, especially if backups are scheduled during high-traffic periods. To minimize performance issues, schedule backups during low-traffic times and consider using plugins that offer incremental backup options, which are less resource-intensive than full site backups.