The different website platforms out there.

The different website platforms out there.
Websites are created on wide and diverse platforms. These platforms or Content Management Systems (CMS) manages the creation and modification of digital content. The CMS allows a multitude of users to edit and add content, such as copy, images and multimedia, as they wish. There are two facets of the Content Management System, one is the interface and one is the backend, which allows those with high-level permission settings such as administrators to modify, change and add content.
Development on Diverse Platforms
We respond to different audiences and industries by leveraging powerful platforms to strengthen the style and function of websites, from the inside out. With across the board skills, we create agile frameworks and eye catching design that will exceed with your expectations. With state of the art infrastructure and user-centered design, we shorten time to market and help your website standout amongst the online noise and clutter.
WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) and is the preferred choice of framework, representing over a quarter of all websites on the Internet. From project scoping to management, our team fuses creative spontaneity and inherent technical control to bring about an inspiring visual interface that enhances business value. We keep users entertained and engaged.
Shopify is the latest craze and with good reason – if you want to monetize online. We can develop and design a customized and creative online storefront for the emerging digital economy. Through collaborative efforts, we can deliver end-to-end e-Commerce solutions.

Whether you want a website in one platform or another – we can help.