The Pillars Of Strategic SEO.

The Pillars Of Strategic SEO.
In the world of search engines, it is all about being found by users and listed by crawlers. It is mission-critical to have a site architecture that speaks the language of search engine spiders, so they are easily able to identify your website. We speak directly to these crawling robots and communicate your content. We ensure that the 301/302/307 redirects, canonical tags, permalinks, URL, PageSpeed, sitemaps, indexing, schema markup and 404s are all properly configured. Navigation is seamless and crawler-friendly through internal linking and siloing. To sum it up, The Rank Squad optimizes your website’s searchability for users and readability for robots.
Keyword Strategy
The underlying science of search engines revolves around keywords. It is also the starting point of our research efforts, where we identify and rank for coveted, industry-rich keywords. We data scrape your website’s on-page elements and metadata. After compiling a list of keywords, we categorize them. The frequency and relevance of keywords are quantified, qualified and geo-targeted. Using our analytic-powered research to guide the process, we build a keyword strategy around them. The goal is to increase inbound traffic, users average time spent on the site and conversion rates.
On-Page Optimization
▪ That the content is valuable and engaging to reduce bounce rates.
▪ The UX (user experience) is maximized with fast page loading times, mobile-responsiveness, and has an modernized layout.
▪ There will be a comprehensive keyword strategy in place.
▪ The content will be shareable as social media channels will be built-in and available on-page.
▪ Each webpage will have to meet The Rank Squad’s 15-point crawlability checklist.
▪ The metadata, scheme and rich snippets will be optimized.
SEO is a science – it is defined by numbers and can be quantified with a wide range of metrics. The metrics can tell different stories so we track the ones that are the most important to your business. We demystify the datasets and track certain signals to monitor the efficacy of a particular SEO campaign. We look at metrics such as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, social media reach, landing page conversion rates, email signups etc. to measure your success. A goal can be as simple as seeing a steady monthly spike of a 15% increase in email signups for your newsletters. With your goals as guiding points, The Rank Squad will build analytic-rich SEO campaigns.
Link Building
Links are referrals and votes of confidence on the Web. When people link from their website to your website, they are vouching for your business. In the SEO world, this makes a huge impact on your trust flow. Building a steady stream of high-quality, high PageRank inbound links is crucial for any ranking profile. We know that not all backlinks are the same, so we build a network of diversified, reputable and niche-relevant links that will enhance your online authority.
Engaging only in white-hat techniques that are organically grown, our policies align with that of Google, Bing and Yahoo. We oppose any black-hat schemes, which are being heavily penalized by search engines and can result in being blacklisted from search engines, entirely. Not all links are created equal, which is why we only strive for trustworthy backlinks that will build your website’s authority. We aim to establish you as a thought leader by improving your content, expanding your reach and initiating conversations.
Off-Page Optimization
Unlike on-page optimization, off-page optimization cannot be directly changed. They are factors that influence a site’s search rankings but take place outside the actual website. While it is outside the confines of a website’s code, the off-page measures can be positively impacted through sound strategies. While backlinks, which are incoming links from external sources, are crucial to build site authority – it is not the only important factor. Social media signals are becoming increasingly important because they signify user engagement and social shares. Using creative and technical tactics, our comprehensive offpage strategies will bolster the trust, quality and credibility of your website. We tell Google, Bing and Yahoo that you are an influencer in your industry and your website deserve to have a high ranking.
Content Marketing
Content is the currency of the Web. We have often heard the expression that content is king – this is true because people and search engines believe in this mantra. Content holds such an extremely high position because it is multi-purposed: it informs, entertains and/or provides opportunities. Content provides us with the right information at the right time. Captivating content is the backbone of any successful SEO campaign because great content can go viral. It can result in a strong backlink profile with organic links, anchor texts and referral traffic. In order to attract external links, your content needs to be worth linking back to. The Rank Squad will guide you on how to write great trending content or can provide in-house copywriters to write organic content for you. Great content results in qualified search traffic – we combine proven SEO techniques with great content marketing to boost your conversion rates.
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is a direct way for a site to generate traffic by paying marketing companies, such as Google, to advertise for search terms. PPC offers a competitive edge as it offers a lot of control. A business can directly and quickly select which keywords they want displayed in a clickable ad campaign – which appear at the top of each search query page. A good PPC campaign can attract in-market customers that can yield high return of investment (ROI). PPC can be highly effective because it attracts customers at the right stage of the buyer’s journey through targeted keywords. The Rank Squad will analyze search queries and create instantaneous traffic by building strategic PPC campaigns through Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Advertising. A synergized PPC and organic SEO campaign will yield the highest ROI for your business.
The Stages of SEO Process
▪ Discovery: We discover brand opportunities by combining business goals with search engine marketing. We gain insights by combing through your website with various audits.
▪ Strategize: Our inbound marketers will mine through current analytics, listen to social channels and analyze quantitative data to form our strategies.
▪ Optimize: With a cross-channel approach we extends beyond on-page and content ideation, by venturing off-page to strengthen back-links and network profile.
▪ Reporting: We create tailored reports which will showcase user segments and performance progress of the marketing campaign. We will focus on the conversion rate.