What is a responsive web design and why it’s important.

What is a responsive web design and why it’s important.
A responsive should not only be mobile friendly – it should be scalable in design to various platforms and naturally adapt to the user’s needs. Users want the right information and content without having to navigate too far. That is why the primary goal of a responsive web design is to always have a content first approach.
All of our web designs are structured around the information architecture of your content. Every design element is carefully crafted so that it can enhance and refine your content. With polished typography and an easy to navigate interface, we want to ensure readability so that the user gets the most out of their experience.
UX Design
Our craftsmanship is not only evident in our customized designs, it is also clear in the user-experiences (UX) that we create. We aim to inspire your audience by showcasing your content and ensuring that the audience is being given what they are looking – with high resolution images, clear and crisp fonts, and exciting animations.
The Smash Agency specializes in interactive and innovative work, we want to ensure that the end user’s time spent on your website is memorable and meaningful. Our UX designs are simple and elegant so that the user is fully immersed in the experience but not overwhelmed. We give users what they are looking for without having to make them work for it.
UI Design
We mold and craft every interface to fit your website stylistically and functionally. We make sure that we capture your branding culture and also project the image that best suits your company. We believe in modernizing the user interface (UI) that will give you an edge and will differentiate you from your competitors. The visual design, information architecture, and structuring is geared to improving the user experience at all levels of interaction with your website.
Cross-Browser Compatible
We ensure that your website functions at optimal levels in various environments. The website is tested for compatibility on Microsoft Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. We test across different platforms for speed and scale to ensure that your website will be optimal in all circumstances. With a bottom up philosophy, we ensure that your single most important digital property is always running flawlessly.
Every web design that comes out of lab is optimized for mobile. Over 50% of today’s users use their smartphones or mobile devices to browse the internet. Your brand is at a huge disadvantage if your website’s navigation, content and menus are not converted for a mobile environment. We create clean and functional mobile experiences for users.
Do you need us to integrate specific functionalities and modules, such as social media, PayPal, Google Maps, newsletters, into your website? We can help roll out modules to strengthen your website’s capabilities.
Social Media
We can incorporate shareable social media buttons, such as Tweets and Likes into your website. In addition, we can create real time streams from powerful social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
Newsletters: Want to increase subscribers? We can integrate a newsletter functionality that will allow you to capture critical information. Email marketing lists are a great way to increase your reach and strengthen your relationships with your customers.
Google Maps
Google Maps is the easiest way for your customers to locate your office(s). Google’s powerful system allows you to integrate their feature-rich Google Maps functionalities on your website.
Pixel-perfect layouts, stylish typefaces and immersive designs that captivates your audience.
We’re Accommodating
Before we provide solutions, we listen to what you want. We are approachable and avoid technical jargon that makes you feel intimated. Working together, we believe we can create a dynamic website that is simple to navigate and visually appealing.
We’re Multifaceted.
We are a full service agency. All of our designers, programmers and marketers swim up the same stream. From coding to UI design to search engine marketing, we approach each project from a holistic and multidisciplinary vantage point.
We’re Creative.
We develop compelling front end designs and robust back-end code. We combine form and function by creating exciting digital experiences and unique visual identities that are pleasing to the eyes and connect brands to the hearts of the consumers.