What is search engine optimization?

What is search engine optimization?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of enhancing the code, content and architecture of a website to increase its visibility and ranking position in a search engine’s results. SEO is focused on strengthening a website’s online visibility for specified keywords in unpaid search engine results. Search engines are very sophisticated – they organize, consolidate and collect incredible amounts of data and publish their findings based on the search queries of users.
Multiple Ranking Factors
The results for specific keywords are ordered and organized by a powerful and protected algorithmic system of search engines. Multiple ranking factors are considered and then prioritized and sequenced in hierarchies of importance. Google, for example, has close to 200 variables that they factor in with varying levels of significance.
Search engines are very protective of the elements they use to rank, so SEO is often a speculative science. Despite its secretive nature, there are consensuses in the SEO community about which factors are more important than others. There has also been deep analytical studies done to verify or disprove speculations.
Ranking factors are always changing. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others are constantly updating their algorithms to represent which ranking factors matter more than others. How often do these algorithms change? Google, for example, update their search algorithms a reported 600 times a year. This means that they make minor changes on a daily basis.
Search engines also release significant, major roll-outs that can revolutionize the search engine landscape. Google’s Panda update, for example, caused a surge in social media and authoritative websites while penalizing those who have poor quality and duplicate content. Search engine companies usually let the SEO community know about these major updates through press releases and other unofficial channels.
We are a Toronto-based search engine marketing company that keeps up-to-date with the latest technical shifts of search engine optimization. Our inbound marketers, digital strategists and SEO specialists can help you dominate industry specific keywords and achieve page 1 rankings. Our Toronto SEO services are comprehensive and holistic, as we improve every important SEO element and metric, such as:
Link Building
Not all links are created equal. We build a steady stream of high-quality, high-PR inbound links to your website to improve its trust factor.
Content is king. Captivating content is the backbone of any successful SEO campaign – great content drives qualified leads and results in conversions.
SEO is a science. We demystify the datasets and track certain signals to monitor the efficacy and success of a particular SEO campaign.
Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is a direct way for a site to get traffic by paying a publisher, such as Google, to advertise for specific search keywords.

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