Why a website should be about all about giving the user a great experience.

Why a website should be about all about giving the user a great experience.
We are brand biographers and visual storytellers – we craft exciting and memorable digital experiences with pixel-perfect layouts, stylish typefaces and immersive designs that captivates your audience.
We prioritize the digital experience of the users – it is the axis on which all strategy, creativity and technology revolves around. We craft tailor made websites that will have a natural gravitational pull for your audience, where users are drawn in and engaged.
With an inside-out philosophy, we help tell the world your story so that you can gain emotional equity of your users. On both stylistic and functional levels, we deliver a website design that will bring your vision to life. The Rank Squad is where user centric web design meets superb front-end and back-end development – we combine form and function.
In an increasingly curated world, we gravitate towards aesthetics. They leave a lasting impression and must be geared to the personal feelings of the user. In an age of individualism and realism, your story must magically connect to the story of your user. Both your stories are meant to converge and should highlight and parallel shared experiences.
The stakes are high for your business and experiences must be presented in a realistic and immersive fashion. This means that the right images, coloring schemes and visual design must be crafted together to form coherence. This can bridge the gap between two strangers, the user and your brand.
The most critical element of a web design is to tell your story without words. Visual content allows you to contribute to the desired image of your brand in a manner that is visually appealing to the user. It showcases the right message at the right time that makes your brand trustworthy and authentic. The best way to utilize visual content is the master the art of persuasion and the science of emotion, with your audience.
We combine visual content and copywriting, so that the total experience of your company will resonate with both prospects and customers. Authenticity attracts and we know how to create visuals that will influence the ongoing conversation with your audience. Visuals are powerful – their placement, message and presence should be immediately felt by the end user. The Rank Squad will ensure the end user will connect to your visual story,
We create next generation and interactive designs that are meant to excite your users and bolster your web presence.
We modify and update the content of your website to keep your audience engaged with fresh content and eye catching graphics.
High-Quality Code
With premier front-end and back-end developers, every line of code has been meticulously blueprinted. We are code-minimalists.
We provide great service, tailor made solutions and quick response times to ensure you always receive an unmatched level of support.