Why your online reputation matters in today’s digital age.

Why your online reputation matters in today’s digital age.
Studies have shown that online reviews influence 9 out of 10 customers when they are making a decision to buy a product or service. Our online reputation management services helps you take ownership of your digital profile and helps influence the narrative before it goes viral. We solve reputation problems before they materialize – we proactively counter negative press and safeguard a positive online image.
In a pre-Internet era, news would unfold at a slow pace. Organizations could often take their time to respond to developments before the news began to marinate into the public psyche. Organizations could go to the drawing board and strategize before determining what is the best course of action to take to counter negative press – they had ample time before deciding on a structured response. The speed at which information can travel in the digital age means that this is no longer possible.
In today’s world, businesses no longer have the luxury to sit back and watch as harmful narratives takes shape. They have to be on the front lines, be proactive and respond quickly. Information now flows freely and can be accessed by customers in real-time. The rapid developments of different media channels, has allowed customers to air their grievances instantly – that is accessible by people worldwide. Reality is, if you blink, you may miss what was just said about your organization.
Communities are constantly being formed online. People converse online and they leverage social networks to exchange information with one another. People feel connected to virtual communities, where like-minded individuals build meaningful relationships that span across geographic and cultural divides. While they may remain largely anonymous to one another, people are reaching out to one another and giving advice and suggestions on community forums, blogs and social media.
Studies have shown that people online tend to trust each other’s experiences – in online communities this resonates strongly because they are seen as sincere, helpful and informative. Online communities are exponentially growing as they are becoming more interconnected than ever before. This phenomenon is known as consumer-generated media (CGM). CGMs are important to users because they associate a great deal of trust and authenticity to these virtual circles.
With the explosion of mobile technologies, it is easier than ever before for people to leave their digital footprint on platforms such as Google Local, Yelp and other review apps. This trend is expanding immensely and according to a number of consumer based studies – more than half of Internet users surveyed have left at least one review. The reputation of your organization is at stake – before things spiral out of control, you need a proactive Online Reputation Management Agency that will help shape your online image.
What is Online Reputation Management? Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of shaping or influencing public perception of a person or business on the Internet. It is about reinforcing your brand’s good standing and credibility and countering negative content that is circulating online.
TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR DIGITAL PROFILE - we proactively counter negative press and safeguard a positive online image
During this stage, we conduct a thorough investigation by searching the Internet about what is being said about your business – both the positive and negative.
Public Relations
When there is negative content on the Internet about your business, we communicate directly with customers on your behalf. We uncover the underlying service issues and improve operations.
The Internet presents a huge reputation risk as it allows consumers and competitors to openly express their views about your business. We proactively monitor and detect any negative content about your brand.
We convert customers into brand advocates by improving service experience and promoting communication across social channels.